Ladies Carrion Crown Adventure

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Haunting of Harrowstone Part 4
The Fourth Day

When the town’s people began to disperse, all the girls began a more thorough search of and around the monument. Scraps of animal parts were found around the base. Evangeline spotted some human tracks that appeared larger than Yuki’s foot. When the sheriff was left alone and free to chat, the girls pointed out the tracks to the man. He told the girls he would look into the tracks for them. It was early in the morning when the commotion began and none of the girls had been able to eat, so they headed back to Kendra’s for breakfast. They talked about visiting the various farmer’s houses and asking about any missing animals, just as Yuki suggested. The four left Kendra’s and asked around, finding that one cat had indeed gone missing. Nodding to one another, they knew they needed to get back to Harrowstone. Grabbing some rations, they found themselves back at the haunted prison.

After navigating through the crumbled remains safely, the adventures were faced with many doors. Yuki approached one of the doors, and as the previous times before, the door slammed shut in Yuki’s face and Verya had to open it. They move straight up a hallway and into a new location. The wary Yuki checked the area for traps but found none. She did however notice the old syringes and bandages in the room. Verya, Faervel, and Evangeline joined Yuki in the new room. While Evangeline was looking around the room, she noticed a skeletal ghost rise up to face the group. However, Yuki and Faervel had been terrified by the apparition and bolted out of the room and kept running down the hall. Verya and Evangeline were left in the room as syringes began to whiz past their heads. Evangeline, surprised by the sudden events, cowered behind Verya and attempted to communicate with the ghost. No response came and Verya took measures into her own hands. She cast positive energy around the room and felled the spirit. Once the two had recovered from their fright, Faervel and Yuki rejoined the others back in the room. The danger had passed and the girls were able to look around the room. It appeared to be the health care facility. They were able to find:
2 fully stocked healer’s kits
3 vials of anti-toxin
2 vials of anti-plague
3 doses of blood block
3 doses of smelling salt
2 vials of soothe syrup
4 potions of clear light wounds

It was time for the girls to leave the floor they had been examining, and make their way up the stairs to see what else they could find. Yuki spotted a table when suddenly three stirges appeared and began to attack. The first menace flew at Yuki and bit her. Evangeline threw a bomb at the other two, but only damaged them with the splash. Verya aimed her crossbow at one of the creatures and destroyed it quickly. Yuki, taking the advantage of the stirge being held in place from biting her, stabbed and killed the monster with her rapier. After the two successful attacks on the creatures, everyone began to miss their targets, even the stirge. Several attempts later, Yuki obliterated the remaining stirge. Her companions were filled with awe and relief.

It was a frustration encounter, but the search had to go on. Little did they know the aggravation was just beginning. Searching the open area, there were many benches and pillars, but nothing of note. Yuki ventured beyond a corner in the area to see various cells filled with skeletons. With no real luck, Yuki tries another door and finds a room full of pots and pans.

The kitchen held nothing of importance, so the group tried another room. In the corner of the room sat a chained big boned skeleton wearing robes and holy symbols. Faervel located a book in the belongings of the robed man. Yuki took the book from the elf and flipped through it but saw nothing out of the ordinary. She stored the item in her bag and planned to donate the book later for historical record.

Looking through the different rooms, the girls walked back to the open area with the many cells. They noticed some of the cells were open and split up to look through them. As they were searching, the sound of a flute rang out through the room and the skeletons came to life. They jumped up and attacked Yuki, Evangeline, and Verya. Faervel was alerted by the cries of her companions and returned fire to one of the skeletons. Verya and Yuki swung at their attackers, but only Yuki made contact. Faervel began to see a vision of the Piper flying at her and was paralyzed from it. Evangeline grabbed a vial of acid from her stash and poured it on the being. Unfortunately the fighting had left Yuki and Evangeline quite shaken, and they were unable to concentrate. Yuki was lucky enough to have the skeleton miss her as Faervel gained back the control of her body. The elf grabbed her punching dagger and Verya shouted her knowledge of the creatures’ vulnerability to bludgeoning weapons as she drew her mace. Verya knocked off one of the enemy’s arms but then fell victim to paralysis. Evangeline took one last shot at her opponent before escaping the cell and shutting the door. She joined Yuki outside the cell she where she was fighting, but both are gripped with fear. One of the skeleton took advantage of the situation and attacked the paralyzed Verya in the face. The angered Faervel removes her skeleton’s arm, while Evangeline felt a presence behind her. The Piper hovered above the changling as she turned and fumbled with her bow, shooting at the ghost. The one armed skeleton came at Faervel, but she shot it down and it ceased to move. Verya, with her mighty mace in hand, decimated the face of the skeleton that had attacked her. Tired of being scared from these creatures, Yuki took out her skeleton and the one that had been attacking Evangeline. Evangeline met up with Verya and Faervel.

With no sign of the Piper, the group starts searching through the doors in the area. Faervel finds her way to an empty bathroom and hears the sound of a flute and wings flapping. Verya began to open a different door but found it was locked, and then the Piper appeared before her. She shouted to her companions. Yuki ran in front of a cell and readied her crossbow, and Evangeline ran to where the Piper had been spotted, but he was no where in sight. The Piper kept moving around the room, never staying in one place. Not only did he run from the crew, but he annoying would move through the walls unseen. Evangeline was getting tired of this wild goose chase, and used her powers of detecting the undead to attempt to locate the pest. This, however, did not go as planned. She sensed a presence around her and turned her head to the source. Her eyes grew wide at the sight before her. What she found was not the Piper, but Father Charlatan’s ghost standing behind Faervel with his hand on her shoulder. Evangeline attempted to shake off her surprise and alerted the others to the Father’s presence with them. The mighty cleric of the four, blasted the Father with positive energy and relieved Faervel of her parasite. A sigh of relief was heard through the girls as the unexpected spirit was disposed of, but they still needed to locate the troublesome Piper. Evangeline continues her attempt to detect any undead as she moves through the room, and Verya checks the opposite direction. After walking a distance, Evangeline finally feels the Piper through a door and signals the others. Verya and Yuki grasp their bows and bust through the door firing. The Piper moved away from his spot and drifted beside Faervel, and when she saw him she shouted loudly. Evangeline followed the elf’s voice to her location and saw the Piper beside her. Having no weapons that could affect a spirit, Faervel ducked behind Evangeline. The changling could only stare at the ghost, but Verya who had also heard her friend’s shriek, ran at the Piper with her hand stretched out. When she made contact with him, she cast a healing spell on him and he poofed out of existence. The run around was over.

There was no time to relax, at least, not yet. Verya showed Yuki the locked door she had found earlier, and Yuki unlocked it. Inside they found a door that led to an outside balcony. The sky told them it was late afternoon and the sun was descending. After checking the sky, the crew noticed some old blood stains in the middle of the opening, while Faervel spotted a floating scythe held by a skeletal hand. Verya, with her knowledge of religion, informed her allies that the floating object was the haunted executioner’s scythe. The scythe moved closer to the girls with ill intentions towards them. Verya took hold of the scythe and cast continuous healing spells on the object while Verya and Faervel pierced the item with their rapiers. Evangeline, determined to be useful, poured a bottle of holy water over the scythe, and the combined damage cause the skeletal hand to fade and the scythe to rest against the floor. Taking a last look around the balcony, the crew decide to leave Harrowstone for the present time and take a rest.

Walking back to town, the girls met the sheriff who had some information for them. He investigated the tracks and found they led to the home of Gibs Hephenus, but when he looked around the area found nothing to incriminate the man. Yuki voiced feeling a bit unwell and walked back to Kendra’s to rest. Verya, Faervel, and Evangeline decided to visit the store and purchase some vials. The three departed from one another and Faervel headed to the temple. While traveling, she saw wagon and horse tracks forming on the ground headed in the direction of Harrowstone.

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 3
The Third Day

Verya shrieked in terror from the sight and Yuki rushed in to check on her friend. They decided Verya would now sleep together with Yuki in her room. When Verya awoke, she was greeted by the sight of a soft white fox cuddled near her, and she began to pet it. Verya learned the white fox was actually her friend Yuki. She was a kitsune. Verya and Yuki left Kendra’s house and traveled to the alchemist shop. Evangeline answered the door and invited her allies inside. Verya recounted her dream and the sight she found after. Evangeline listened intently and suggested researching more at the temple on the Whispering Way.

Looking through the books in the temple, the group found the organization known as the Whispering Way used a gagged skull as their symbol. The agents would go to haunts for field work in capturing unique creatures. Chief among the goals of the Whispering Way are discovering formulae for creating liches and releasing the Whispering Tyrant. People who look into the Whispering Way and learn too much are killed and their mouths are mutilated so as in death they are unable to tell anyone what they learned. After a successful research session, the group began to feel hungry.

The girls made their way back to the Laughing Demon for some lunch. Off in a corner alone, they saw a tall woman they didn’t recognize. The three left their seats and spoke with the stranger. She introduced herself as an acquaintance who was late coming to the professor’s funeral. Her name was Faervel. Faevel joined the others at their table and the girls explained the will to their new companion. As they were chatting and having their meal, a group near them were being loud and rowdy while playing a game of cards. Suddenly, one of the men threw down his cards shouting, “I did it! You guys suck!” The cards burst into flames, temporarily blinding Verya and causing her to hear the sounds of burning people underneath her. When her vision returned, she told the others about the sounds she heard. The group saw that the card players had left their deck behind and moved to investigate, but when they looked over the cards they appeared normal. One card stood out from the rest, The Uprising card showed peasants walking through a burning field. The three girls knew they needed to get back to Harrowstone.

They ventured back to the prison, explaining all the events they had witnessed to Faervel along the way. Entering inside, Yuki once again tries to open one of the doors, and the burning apparition slams the door shut and locks it. As before, Verya twisted the knob and opened the door. Various small offices stood before the adventurers. In one of the small rooms they found files and paperwork, but nothing new or useful. Verya and Faervel divided up the rooms while Yuki and Evangeline stood in place. Verya took the left and Faervel the right. Faervel found the right room was a small washroom. In the left room Verya found a locked safe and identified the room as the warden’s office. Yuki was called into the room to pick the lock, the safe contained:
Numerous out of date legal documents
500 gold
4 cure moderate wounds
3 potions of lesser restorations
2 remove disease

The group divvied up the items between themselves. Faervel took the documents with the thought of later donating them, and Evangeline took the potions. The four returned to the beginning of the small offices and found a short hallway behind the bottom right door. At the end of the hallway stood a giant metal door. Yuki cracked the lock on the big door, but before the group moved forward, Evangeline tried to detect any undead beyond the door and found none. The room held many treasures:
Masterwork lock pick kit
Bronze war medallion from the shining crusade (40gp)
Painting of Stavian the 1st (80gp)
Set of nobleman silver hairclips (35gp)
Masterwork punching dagger
Pouch containing 12 masterwork shurikens
Masterwork silver war razor
Wand of lesser restoration (12 charges left)

As the group examined their treasures, Evangeline and Verya noticed a secret door also found in the room. Faervel held open the door and allowed the other three to pass through. The room held five important items:
A blood stained hand axe
Holy symbols
A moldy spell book
A smithing hammer
A rusted tarnished silver flute

Yuki, Verya, and Evangeline recognized these items as symbols of the main five criminals. Verya, who had become a bit paranoid by the Splatter Man, gave in to her terror and curiosity and looked inside the spell book. She found her name had been written in blood in the margins of the book. This did not help her growing neurosis. Freaked out, the three left the items and exited the room.

Backtracking to the entrance, Yuki heads through the door straight from it and finds a hallway full of doors. There were three doors on the right, two to the left, and one at the very end. After talking it over, they went inside the first left door and found both left doors led to the same location, a room filled with other doors. Moving to an isolated room, they found their selves in the induction chamber. There were chains on the wall and wooden benches. A faint sobbing is heard by Yuki followed by rattling chains and a feeling of hopelessness washed over her. Yuki felt manacles clasp around her wrists as another set on the ground began to float up and secured themselves to Evangeline. The action took the two by surprise, but they were still prepared. The thief Yuki broke herself out of the clasps, while Evangeline melted hers with acid.

Leaving the room they continue their investigation with the door to the far left. The contents inside showed the room to be a branding area for prisoners. The trials were not to end any time soon. Four branding irons rose into the air and burned. Yuki, Verya, and Faervel sensed burning flesh around them. Yuki grabbed a bottle of holy water and splashed it over one of the brands causing it to disappear. One of the irons made contact with Faervel, branding her flesh, but the act caused the irons to fall back to the floor and remain stationary. The ordeal had ended and the group left the room and headed in a direction diagonal from where they had been. A locked moldy door stood in front of them.

Yuki used her honed skills and opened the door for the crew. Looking around the room they found moth eaten fabric, needles, and a skeleton in a mangled dress. Suddenly, a blue wispy figure made itself known to the women. Verya attempted to speak to the figure and she revealed her name was Vesoriana, the warden’s wife. The woman had much to inform the adventurers about. She told them how her husband’s spirit had been taken away. Vesoriana recounted the day the professor had been killed. There were men and women dressed in dark robes, whispering and making runes. They had found Lorrimor and smashed his head. She remembered feeling a great pain and was unable to sense her husband afterward. They were warned about the main five whose spirits were in a state of unrest and they were trying to escape. She spoke of the room holding the five’s personal possessions and how the items could be of use, but they were also cursed so it was risky. No one knew how Vesoriana had died that night, and she told her sad tale. When her husband didn’t return home that night, she went to the prison looking for him. The guards knew a riot from the prisoners was to take place that night and locked Vesoriana in a room for her safety. Unfortunately, she was still locked in when the fire spread and she burned along with everyone else. The last thing the girls were told was, if they wanted Harrowstone to return to normal then they would need to dispose of the main five’s spirits and bring her a symbol of power from her late husband.

Yuki and Evangeline spotted another hidden door and told the others. Looking around the room appeared to be a laundry room. Moldy laundry filled the room, and movement from the pile caught Evangeline’s eye. Suspecting an animal or child she moved closer and was attacked by a floating straight jacket. It was little effort to handle and the girls shred the jacket together.

Moving to the top door in the room of doors, the group found themselves in a bathroom. Verya found a small hand waving in the room whispering, “Paper.” Feeling sorry for the hand, Verya finds some paper and passes it to the hand. Grateful for her kindness, the hand rewards her with 100gp, which she split evenly with her allies.

In the very last room located in the room full of doors, they found a small chapel within the prison dedicated to Pharasma. While focusing on the chapel, three large spiders attacked. Verya was poisoned by one of the spider’s bites, Yuki located it and slaughtered it. The group worked together and vanquished the pests, except for Evangeline who failed to hit any of the creatures for some unknown reason. Tired from their trials, the girls left Harrowstone and retired to their respective beds.

As the sun rose on a new day, the air carried the sounds of panic and commotion. Everyone stirred from their sleep and Evangeline rushed over to meet her companions. It was a sight they had seen before and followed the crowd, once again, to the vandalized statue. Everyone stared in horror at the Harrowstone monument now plastered with a big bloody letter E. The town’s people shouted, demanding answers from these frightening events. But no one could answer their quandaries. The girls saw the sheriff and asked him for any information, but no one knew. After staring at the monument, Yuki thought the group should ask any farmers for missing animals.

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 2
The Second Day

Verya and Yuki awoke and rushed over to Evangeline’s home. Yuki shared what she had witnessed the night before and revealed the items from the crypt. However, she kept the now empty box to herself. They were introduced to Evangeline’s mother and then all left to speak to the sheriff. The sheriff didn’t have much information on Harrowstone but mentioned the name of the warden’s wife that burned. Her name was Vesorianna. Leaving the building, they headed back to the temple to continue their research. After many bouts of frustration, Evangeline finally found more on the Piper.

The Piper of Illmarsh- Real name unknown. Before he snatched his victims, the Piper taunted his targets with a mournful dirge on his flute. He preferred to paralyze lone victims by dosing their meals with lich dust and then allowed his pet stirges to drink the victims dry of blood.

Verya continued looking into The Whispering Way and also discovered more on the group. The organization had a series of philosophies that were transferred by whispers. Nothing is ever written or spoken loudly, which is why outsiders have difficulty learning about them. After their success, Evangeline wanted to identify the vials of cloudy vapor and took the two back to her home. Her mother was unable to help to Evangeline’s dismay. The three then began planning their course of action for returning to the fake crypt. They didn’t know how long it would take or how late it might be when returning, and opted to stay at the local inn.

When night fell, the three headed off to the crypt. They tell those who question that they are paying respects to the professor. Yuki lead the way to the crypt and they all attempt to stay silent and sneak. Verya proceeded to trip and cause a noticeable noise during their attempt, but all three are able to make it inside unnoticed due to a distraction Yuki made. The lantern being used to light the darkness disturbed the two giant centipedes Yuki had seen before, and the two attacked the group. Evangeline threw a vial of her acid at the beast, and the acid caused the centipede to lose sight and attack its partner. She then threw her alchemical fire and the two perish. The group gathered up the rest of the anti-ghost items and left the crypt. Movement came from one of the graves as a zombie began to rise. The group is quick to act and savvy to the zombies weakness. Yuki threw one of the vials of holy water at the abomination and Verya cast a healing spell. The zombie fell shortly after and the group attempted to sneak away. Verya once again tripped and caused a stir, but the group was able to get back to the inn and heal.

The next morning, rumors began to circulate while the three were eating breakfast. The people were spooked by talk of a desecrated grave. The three listened to the rumors and headed out to the school to look up the cloudy vials again. The school also knew nothing of the vials. They also tried going back to the temple to learn about the vials and more about The Whispering Way. No new information was found for both queries. The group began discussing that it was time to search Harrowstone itself. They looked at all the items they had retrieved from the crypt and decided Verya should buy a crossbow. The group went in the store and Yuki loaned 10 gold pieces to Verya to buy the bow. Evangeline took that time to buy a water skin for herself, and then the three began their journey to Harrowstone around 1:30pm.

Harrowstone stood before the adventurers with the three wondering who would enter first. Yuki, being the more graceful of the three, volunteered to enter first. As she walks in, she is stricken by the feeling of being of fire, but it last for only a moment. Verya and Evangeline follow after hesitantly but were not affected as their companion had been. Inside, they see an abandoned unstable building. Yuki notices runes going around the base of the building smeared with blood. The runes repeated the name Lyvar Hawkran, the warden of the prison. These runes were involved in abjuration and necromancy.

The group entered inside the broken building. Yuki sees a door and tries to open it, a burning apparition slams the door shut and locks it. Verya tries the same door and it strangely opens. Inside the room, the temperature begins to drop and the group starts feeling very cold. Another door is seen inside the freezing room, and the three go through to escape. The new room contained a pit where three flaming skulls flew out and began attacking. Verya quickly acts and the skulls fell. She then blessed the dead skulls. After the battle, the three saw a hole in the wall that lead outside. They then decided to enter and examine a room with a giant furnace. The furnace suddenly lit up and formed a menacing face. Verya tried to communicate with the burning object in front of her, and it growled angrily in response. Not taking the hint, she proceeded to try and communicate with the furnace again. It responded once again by growling and attacked her companions with a giant fireball. The three struggle to stop the creature and it finally went out. Yuki looked inside the once active furnace and saw some bones inside. She grabs the bones and they are hot to the touch. Verya noticed the connection between the bones and the traps and haunts in the building. They took the bones through the hole in the wall and buried them outside and said a prayer. The group decided to leave for the day and all escape the crumbling building unharmed.

Evangeline walked back to her house and Verya and Yuki went back to the Professor’s. While Verya was in her room to rest and sleep, she glanced at the windows to now see them barred. She turned back quickly to her bed to see the room was now empty except for some moldy straw where the bed once stood. Verya cried out into the night for help, but no one heard and no one came. The door to her room was locked and she noticed bloody letters began appearing on the wall. V E R Y- Verya then sits up quickly in her bed and looks around the room breathing heavily. It appears as if it had only been a bad dream, but on her wall she notices the bloody letters V E R Y are still there.

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 1
The First Day

The group begins at the funeral of Professor Lorrimor and is asked by his daughter Kendra to be pallbearers. All members have ties to the professor and agree. While walking, some angry farmers block the group and say that the professor must be burried somewhere else as he has been accused of dealing with necromancy and the undead. The group gently places the coffin on the ground and tries to reason with the farmers, but talking proves useless. The six farmers engage in confrontation. The group does not fight back and takes hits from the men. Yuki runs to get the Father and they are frightened off by the authority of Father Vauran Grimburrow. The Father mentions that the leader of these thugs is a ruffian and reveals his name to be Gibs Hephenus. The funeral continues after the commotion, and Yuki graces the attendees with a touching story of the impact Lorrimor had in her life.

After the funeral, the group travel to the home of Professor Lorrimor and await the reading of the will. The three introduce themselves to each other and see Councilman Vashian Hearthmount with Kendra. He begins the reading of the will. Lorrimor’s inheritance and his home go to his daughter Kendra. As Hearthmount is reading, a key falls, and he begins telling the group of three of their part in this will. They are told of their job to secure the safety of Kendra Lorrimor for one month and then travel to the Lepidstadt University to deposit some dangerous tombs he had had in his possession. Once the month was up, the three could go to Embreth Daramid and collect 100 gold pieces each for protecting his daughter. Evangeline inherited two spell scrolls. After the reading, Hearthmount leaves and a chest with the tomes is brought out for the group to observe. When the chest is opened, a new leather tome sits at the top and has Read Me Now engraved on the top. It appeared to be a diary the Professor had kept while looking into necromancy, Harrowstone, and a group called The Whispering Way. Lorrimor mentioned a fake crypt that held anti-ghost items, and about his visit to the Harrowstone to learn about some writings. The date of the prison visit coincided with the date his dead body was found.
Circled Entries in the Professor’s Journal
Ten Years Ago:
The Whispering Way is more than just a cabal of necromancers. I see that now. Undeath is their fountain of youth. Uncovering their motivation does not place me at ease as I thought it might. Their desire to be eternal simply makes them more dangerous.
Two Months Ago:
It is as I had feared. The Way is interested in something here in Ravengro. But what could it be?
One Month Ago:
Whatever the Way seeks, I am now convinced their goal is connected to Harrowstone. In retrospect, I suppose it all makes sense—the stories they tell about the ruins in town are certainly chilling enough. It may be time to investigate the ruins, but with everyone in town already being so worked up about them, I’d rather not let the others know about my curiosity—there’s plenty of folks hereabouts who already think I’m a demonologist or a witch or something. Ignorant fools.
Twenty Days Ago:
It is confirmed. The Way seems quite interested in something—no, strike that—someone who was held in Harrowstone. But who, specifically, is the Way after? I need a list of everyone who died the night of the fire. Everyone. The Temple of Pharasma must have such a list.
Eighteen Days Ago:
I see now just how ill prepared I was when I last set out for the Harrowstone. I am lucky
to have returned at all. The ghosts, if indeed they were ghosts (for I did not find it prudent to
investigate further) prevented me from transcribing the strange symbols I found etched along the foundation—hopefully on my next visit I will be more prepared. Thankfully, the necessary tools to defend against spirits are already here in Ravengro. I know that the church of Pharasma used to store them in a false crypt in the Restlands at the intersection between Eversleep and the Black Path. I am not certain if the current clergy even know of what their predecessors have hidden down below. If my luck holds, I should be able to slip in and out with a few borrowed items.
Seventeen Days Ago:
Tomorrow evening I return to the prison. It is imperative the Way does not finish. My caution has already cost me too much time. I am not sure what will happen if I am too late, but if my theory is right, the entire town could be at risk. I don’ t have time to update my will, so I’ll leave this in the chest where it’ll be sure to be found, should the worst come to pass.

Contemplating these series of events, the group was interrupted by the sounds of people shouting outside. People all over town were moving to see an act of vandalism that had happened. The group and Kendra follow the people to where everyone is gathering. The sheriff Benjan Caeller is standing near the desecrated Harrowstone monument. The monument is covered with splatters of blood and a giant bloody letter V. The sheriff doesn’t have any ideas of how this came to happen. The group escort Kendra back to the house and begin examining the tomes one by one. The tomes included: Serving Your Hunger, On Varified Madness, Umbral Leaves, and Manuel of the Palatine Eye. The latter of the tomes was locked up tight. The other tomes were opened and read by the group, but not much was understood.

Umbral Leaves spoke of a deity called Zon-Kuthon and had a theme about pain.
On Varified Madness mentioned weird creatures and “the dark tapestry’.
Serving Your Hunger,the sacred book of Urgathoa, the goddess of the undead.

The group felt there was more research to be done. Evangeline informed the travelers of the places around town that they could visit. The Town Hall kept the town records, the Temple of Pharasma kept books, and the local school called the Unfurling Scrolls was lead by a retired wizard. Kendra also gave the group permission to look through her father’s books in her home. Outside, while walking to the Town Hall, there were people gossiping about the sheriff snooping around Jominda Fallenbridge’s shop. They suspected illegal activity. Evangeline ignored the talk of her mother, and the group entered the Town Hall to begin their research on Harrowstone.

Harrowstone is a ruined prison partially destroyed by a fire in 4661 AR, the building has
stood vacant ever since. The locals suspect that it’s haunted, and don’t enjoy speaking of the place.

Harrowstone was built in 4594. Ravengro was founded at the same time as a place where guards and their families could live and that would produce food and other supplies used by the prison. The fire that killed all of the prisoners and most of the guards destroyed a large portion of the prison’s underground eastern wing, but left most of the stone structure above relatively intact. The prison’s warden perished in the fire, along with his wife, although no one knows why she was in the prison when the fire occurred. A statue commemorating the warden and the guards who lost their lives was built in the months after the tragedy—that statue still stands on the riverbank just outside of town.

Most of the hardened criminals sent to Harrowstone spent only a few months imprisoned, for it was here that most of Ustalav’s executions during that era were carried out. The fire that caused the tragedy was, in fact, a blessing in disguise, for the prisoners had rioted and gained control of the prison’s dungeons immediately prior to the conflagration. It was only through the self-sacrifice of Warden Hawkran and 23 of his guards that the prisoners were prevented from escaping—the guards gave their lives to save the town of Ravengro.

At the time Harrowstone burned, five particularly notorious criminals had recently arrived at
the prison. While the commonly held belief is that the tragic fire began accidentally after the riot began, in fact the prisoners had already seized control of the dungeon and had been in command of the lower level for several hours before the fire. Warden Hawkran triggered a
deadfall to seal the rioting prisoners in the lower level, but in so doing trapped himself and nearly two dozen guards. The prisoners were in the process of escaping when the panicked guards accidentally started the fire in a desperate attempt to end the riot.

Originally, Harrowstone housed only local criminals, but as the prison’s fame spread, other
counties and distant lands began paying to have more dangerous criminals housed within this prison’s walls. At the time of the great Harrowstone Fire, the number of particularly violent or dangerous criminals imprisoned within the dungeons below was at an all-time high.

The five most notorious prisoners in Harrowstone at the time of the great fire were Father Charlatan, the Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Piper of Illlmarsh, and the Splatter Man.

The group found more information about the Father and the Splatter Man at the Town Hall.

Father Charlatan- Real name was Sefick Corvin. Of the five notorious prisoners, only Father Charlatan was not technically a murderer, yet his crimes were so blasphemous that several churches demanded he be punished to the full extent of Ustalavic law. Although he claimed to be an ordained priest of any number of faiths, Father Corvin was in fact a traveling con artist who used faith as a mask and a means to bilk the faithful out of money in payment for false miracles or cures. He became known as Father Charlatan after his scheme was exposed
and his Sczarni accomplices murdered a half-dozen city guards in an attempt to make good the group’s escape.

Splatter Man- Real name was Professor Hean Faramin. Professor Feramin was a celebrated scholar of Anthroponomastics (the study of personal names and their origins) at the Quartrefaux Archives in Caliphas. Yet an accidental association with a succubus twisted and warped his study, turning it into an obsession. Feramin became obsessed with the power of a name and how he could use it to terrify and control. Soon enough, his reputation was ruined, he’d lost his tenure, and he’d developed an uncontrollable obsession with an imaginary link between a person’s name and what happens to that name when the person dies. Every few days, he would secretly arrange for his victim to find a letter from him, name written in blood, perhaps smeared on a wall or spelled out with carefully arranged entrails. Once he had spelled his victim’s name, he would at last come for them, killing them in a gory mess using a complex trap or series of rigged events meant to look like an accident.

Only information about these two names were found, and the group decided it was time to rest and get a bite to eat. They entered inside the Laughing Demon, a restaurant ran by Zokar Elkarid that was known for it’s “humorous” food. The three ordered their food and watched a man playing the violin as they waited. As they sat there, two stirges busted through the ceiling and began reacting to the music that was playing. But the man noticed the creatures and stopped playing from his fright, the stirges began attacking. Verya and Yuki fought the beasts as Evangeline moved to get the people inside out to safety. Remembering how the stirges reacted to the playing, she grabbed the violin player as he was trying to escape and instructed him to play a slow song. The man complied, and the stirges began to move much slower allowing for them to be killed. Suspicious of the man, Verya interrogated him about his instrument and his playing, but nothing out of the ordinary was found and she let him go. Zokar Elkarid came out to thank the three and told them today and tomorrow’s meals were on the house. He mentioned that a stirge attack was a strange occurance as these creatures are usually located out of town.

After the encounter, the three returned to the Lorrimor home and searched for more information about the group known as The Whispering Way.

The Whispering Way is a sinister organization of necromancers that has been active in the
Inner Sea region for thousands of years.

Agents of the Whispering Way often seek alliances with undead creatures, or are themselves undead. The Whispering Way’s most notorious member was Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, although the society itself has existed much longer than even that mighty necromancer.

The Whispering Way itself is a series of philosophies that can only be transferred via whispers—the philosophies are never written or spoken of loudly, making the exact goals and nature of the secretive philosophy difficult for outsiders to learn much about.

The decided to head back out to research at another location and observe some local children singing a disturbing Varisian song.
Put her body on the bed.
Take a knife and lop her head.
Watch the blood come out the pipe.
Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe.
Drops of red so sparkly bright.
Splatters spell her name just right.
With a hammer killed his wife.
Now he wants to claim your life.
Tricksy father tells a lie.
Listen close or you will die.

Evangeline was the only one who spoke the language and recognised the song was about the five criminals. She relayed this to her companions. They choose to visit the school next and are charged 10 gold coins for an entrance fee. They found no useful information and left. They then visit the Temple of Pharasma. Yuki gives an offering and shows her respect, the other two begin searching.

The Lopper- Named Vance Saestressle. When the Lopper stalked prey, he would hide in the most unlikely of places, sometimes for days upon end with only a few supplies to keep him going while he waited for the exact right moment to strike. Once his target was alone, the Lopper would emerge to savagely behead his victim with a handaxe.

Mosswater Marauder- Named Ipsin Onixcudgel. Only 5 years before his hometown of Mosswater was destined to be overrun and ruined by monsters from the nearby river, Ispin Onyxcudgel was a well-liked artisan and a doting husband. When he discovered his wife’s
infidelity, he flew into a jealous rage and struck her dead with his hammer, shattering her skull and his sanity with one murderous blow. Wracked with shame and guilt, Ispin became convinced that if he could rebuild his wife’s skull she would come back to life—but unfortunately, he could not find the last blade-shaped fragment from the murder site. So instead, Ispin became the Mosswater Marauder. Over the course of several weeks, the cunning dwarf stalked and murdered nearly 20 people while searching for just the right skull fragment. He was captured just before murdering the daughter of a visiting nobleman from Varno, and was carted off to Harrowstone that same night.

As the two read books, Yuki had snuck away into the graveyard to find the fake crypt mentioned in the Professor’s journal. The crypt holds many items:
-12 silver bolts
-10 +1 bolts
-4 sun rods
-6 flasks of holy water
-5 +1 ghost touch bolts
-2 potions of lesser restoration
-2 +1 undead bane bolts
-scroll for detect undead
-5 potions for cure light wounds
-2 scrolls for hide from undead
-scroll of protection from evil
-a box with same design as locked tome>ouija board, and 4 vials of a cloudy vapor

Yuki knows she can’t grab all the items by herself undetected, and grabs only a few things and the box. She then sees two giant centipedes in the crypt and sneaks out. As she is walking back to the temple through the graveyard, one of the stones catch her eye. One of the weathered stones is readable. It reads: Come to my world and be as I, as I am now soon you will be, embrace your end and witness me. The stone has a date of death, 4661 AR, and Yuki’s own name appeared on the stone. 4661AR, the year of the fire at Harrowstone. After Yuki reads the stone, it changes back to an unreadable weathered grave, like the words had never been there at all.


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