Ladies Carrion Crown Adventure

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 2

The Second Day

Verya and Yuki awoke and rushed over to Evangeline’s home. Yuki shared what she had witnessed the night before and revealed the items from the crypt. However, she kept the now empty box to herself. They were introduced to Evangeline’s mother and then all left to speak to the sheriff. The sheriff didn’t have much information on Harrowstone but mentioned the name of the warden’s wife that burned. Her name was Vesorianna. Leaving the building, they headed back to the temple to continue their research. After many bouts of frustration, Evangeline finally found more on the Piper.

The Piper of Illmarsh- Real name unknown. Before he snatched his victims, the Piper taunted his targets with a mournful dirge on his flute. He preferred to paralyze lone victims by dosing their meals with lich dust and then allowed his pet stirges to drink the victims dry of blood.

Verya continued looking into The Whispering Way and also discovered more on the group. The organization had a series of philosophies that were transferred by whispers. Nothing is ever written or spoken loudly, which is why outsiders have difficulty learning about them. After their success, Evangeline wanted to identify the vials of cloudy vapor and took the two back to her home. Her mother was unable to help to Evangeline’s dismay. The three then began planning their course of action for returning to the fake crypt. They didn’t know how long it would take or how late it might be when returning, and opted to stay at the local inn.

When night fell, the three headed off to the crypt. They tell those who question that they are paying respects to the professor. Yuki lead the way to the crypt and they all attempt to stay silent and sneak. Verya proceeded to trip and cause a noticeable noise during their attempt, but all three are able to make it inside unnoticed due to a distraction Yuki made. The lantern being used to light the darkness disturbed the two giant centipedes Yuki had seen before, and the two attacked the group. Evangeline threw a vial of her acid at the beast, and the acid caused the centipede to lose sight and attack its partner. She then threw her alchemical fire and the two perish. The group gathered up the rest of the anti-ghost items and left the crypt. Movement came from one of the graves as a zombie began to rise. The group is quick to act and savvy to the zombies weakness. Yuki threw one of the vials of holy water at the abomination and Verya cast a healing spell. The zombie fell shortly after and the group attempted to sneak away. Verya once again tripped and caused a stir, but the group was able to get back to the inn and heal.

The next morning, rumors began to circulate while the three were eating breakfast. The people were spooked by talk of a desecrated grave. The three listened to the rumors and headed out to the school to look up the cloudy vials again. The school also knew nothing of the vials. They also tried going back to the temple to learn about the vials and more about The Whispering Way. No new information was found for both queries. The group began discussing that it was time to search Harrowstone itself. They looked at all the items they had retrieved from the crypt and decided Verya should buy a crossbow. The group went in the store and Yuki loaned 10 gold pieces to Verya to buy the bow. Evangeline took that time to buy a water skin for herself, and then the three began their journey to Harrowstone around 1:30pm.

Harrowstone stood before the adventurers with the three wondering who would enter first. Yuki, being the more graceful of the three, volunteered to enter first. As she walks in, she is stricken by the feeling of being of fire, but it last for only a moment. Verya and Evangeline follow after hesitantly but were not affected as their companion had been. Inside, they see an abandoned unstable building. Yuki notices runes going around the base of the building smeared with blood. The runes repeated the name Lyvar Hawkran, the warden of the prison. These runes were involved in abjuration and necromancy.

The group entered inside the broken building. Yuki sees a door and tries to open it, a burning apparition slams the door shut and locks it. Verya tries the same door and it strangely opens. Inside the room, the temperature begins to drop and the group starts feeling very cold. Another door is seen inside the freezing room, and the three go through to escape. The new room contained a pit where three flaming skulls flew out and began attacking. Verya quickly acts and the skulls fell. She then blessed the dead skulls. After the battle, the three saw a hole in the wall that lead outside. They then decided to enter and examine a room with a giant furnace. The furnace suddenly lit up and formed a menacing face. Verya tried to communicate with the burning object in front of her, and it growled angrily in response. Not taking the hint, she proceeded to try and communicate with the furnace again. It responded once again by growling and attacked her companions with a giant fireball. The three struggle to stop the creature and it finally went out. Yuki looked inside the once active furnace and saw some bones inside. She grabs the bones and they are hot to the touch. Verya noticed the connection between the bones and the traps and haunts in the building. They took the bones through the hole in the wall and buried them outside and said a prayer. The group decided to leave for the day and all escape the crumbling building unharmed.

Evangeline walked back to her house and Verya and Yuki went back to the Professor’s. While Verya was in her room to rest and sleep, she glanced at the windows to now see them barred. She turned back quickly to her bed to see the room was now empty except for some moldy straw where the bed once stood. Verya cried out into the night for help, but no one heard and no one came. The door to her room was locked and she noticed bloody letters began appearing on the wall. V E R Y- Verya then sits up quickly in her bed and looks around the room breathing heavily. It appears as if it had only been a bad dream, but on her wall she notices the bloody letters V E R Y are still there.


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