Ladies Carrion Crown Adventure

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 3

The Third Day

Verya shrieked in terror from the sight and Yuki rushed in to check on her friend. They decided Verya would now sleep together with Yuki in her room. When Verya awoke, she was greeted by the sight of a soft white fox cuddled near her, and she began to pet it. Verya learned the white fox was actually her friend Yuki. She was a kitsune. Verya and Yuki left Kendra’s house and traveled to the alchemist shop. Evangeline answered the door and invited her allies inside. Verya recounted her dream and the sight she found after. Evangeline listened intently and suggested researching more at the temple on the Whispering Way.

Looking through the books in the temple, the group found the organization known as the Whispering Way used a gagged skull as their symbol. The agents would go to haunts for field work in capturing unique creatures. Chief among the goals of the Whispering Way are discovering formulae for creating liches and releasing the Whispering Tyrant. People who look into the Whispering Way and learn too much are killed and their mouths are mutilated so as in death they are unable to tell anyone what they learned. After a successful research session, the group began to feel hungry.

The girls made their way back to the Laughing Demon for some lunch. Off in a corner alone, they saw a tall woman they didn’t recognize. The three left their seats and spoke with the stranger. She introduced herself as an acquaintance who was late coming to the professor’s funeral. Her name was Faervel. Faevel joined the others at their table and the girls explained the will to their new companion. As they were chatting and having their meal, a group near them were being loud and rowdy while playing a game of cards. Suddenly, one of the men threw down his cards shouting, “I did it! You guys suck!” The cards burst into flames, temporarily blinding Verya and causing her to hear the sounds of burning people underneath her. When her vision returned, she told the others about the sounds she heard. The group saw that the card players had left their deck behind and moved to investigate, but when they looked over the cards they appeared normal. One card stood out from the rest, The Uprising card showed peasants walking through a burning field. The three girls knew they needed to get back to Harrowstone.

They ventured back to the prison, explaining all the events they had witnessed to Faervel along the way. Entering inside, Yuki once again tries to open one of the doors, and the burning apparition slams the door shut and locks it. As before, Verya twisted the knob and opened the door. Various small offices stood before the adventurers. In one of the small rooms they found files and paperwork, but nothing new or useful. Verya and Faervel divided up the rooms while Yuki and Evangeline stood in place. Verya took the left and Faervel the right. Faervel found the right room was a small washroom. In the left room Verya found a locked safe and identified the room as the warden’s office. Yuki was called into the room to pick the lock, the safe contained:
Numerous out of date legal documents
500 gold
4 cure moderate wounds
3 potions of lesser restorations
2 remove disease

The group divvied up the items between themselves. Faervel took the documents with the thought of later donating them, and Evangeline took the potions. The four returned to the beginning of the small offices and found a short hallway behind the bottom right door. At the end of the hallway stood a giant metal door. Yuki cracked the lock on the big door, but before the group moved forward, Evangeline tried to detect any undead beyond the door and found none. The room held many treasures:
Masterwork lock pick kit
Bronze war medallion from the shining crusade (40gp)
Painting of Stavian the 1st (80gp)
Set of nobleman silver hairclips (35gp)
Masterwork punching dagger
Pouch containing 12 masterwork shurikens
Masterwork silver war razor
Wand of lesser restoration (12 charges left)

As the group examined their treasures, Evangeline and Verya noticed a secret door also found in the room. Faervel held open the door and allowed the other three to pass through. The room held five important items:
A blood stained hand axe
Holy symbols
A moldy spell book
A smithing hammer
A rusted tarnished silver flute

Yuki, Verya, and Evangeline recognized these items as symbols of the main five criminals. Verya, who had become a bit paranoid by the Splatter Man, gave in to her terror and curiosity and looked inside the spell book. She found her name had been written in blood in the margins of the book. This did not help her growing neurosis. Freaked out, the three left the items and exited the room.

Backtracking to the entrance, Yuki heads through the door straight from it and finds a hallway full of doors. There were three doors on the right, two to the left, and one at the very end. After talking it over, they went inside the first left door and found both left doors led to the same location, a room filled with other doors. Moving to an isolated room, they found their selves in the induction chamber. There were chains on the wall and wooden benches. A faint sobbing is heard by Yuki followed by rattling chains and a feeling of hopelessness washed over her. Yuki felt manacles clasp around her wrists as another set on the ground began to float up and secured themselves to Evangeline. The action took the two by surprise, but they were still prepared. The thief Yuki broke herself out of the clasps, while Evangeline melted hers with acid.

Leaving the room they continue their investigation with the door to the far left. The contents inside showed the room to be a branding area for prisoners. The trials were not to end any time soon. Four branding irons rose into the air and burned. Yuki, Verya, and Faervel sensed burning flesh around them. Yuki grabbed a bottle of holy water and splashed it over one of the brands causing it to disappear. One of the irons made contact with Faervel, branding her flesh, but the act caused the irons to fall back to the floor and remain stationary. The ordeal had ended and the group left the room and headed in a direction diagonal from where they had been. A locked moldy door stood in front of them.

Yuki used her honed skills and opened the door for the crew. Looking around the room they found moth eaten fabric, needles, and a skeleton in a mangled dress. Suddenly, a blue wispy figure made itself known to the women. Verya attempted to speak to the figure and she revealed her name was Vesoriana, the warden’s wife. The woman had much to inform the adventurers about. She told them how her husband’s spirit had been taken away. Vesoriana recounted the day the professor had been killed. There were men and women dressed in dark robes, whispering and making runes. They had found Lorrimor and smashed his head. She remembered feeling a great pain and was unable to sense her husband afterward. They were warned about the main five whose spirits were in a state of unrest and they were trying to escape. She spoke of the room holding the five’s personal possessions and how the items could be of use, but they were also cursed so it was risky. No one knew how Vesoriana had died that night, and she told her sad tale. When her husband didn’t return home that night, she went to the prison looking for him. The guards knew a riot from the prisoners was to take place that night and locked Vesoriana in a room for her safety. Unfortunately, she was still locked in when the fire spread and she burned along with everyone else. The last thing the girls were told was, if they wanted Harrowstone to return to normal then they would need to dispose of the main five’s spirits and bring her a symbol of power from her late husband.

Yuki and Evangeline spotted another hidden door and told the others. Looking around the room appeared to be a laundry room. Moldy laundry filled the room, and movement from the pile caught Evangeline’s eye. Suspecting an animal or child she moved closer and was attacked by a floating straight jacket. It was little effort to handle and the girls shred the jacket together.

Moving to the top door in the room of doors, the group found themselves in a bathroom. Verya found a small hand waving in the room whispering, “Paper.” Feeling sorry for the hand, Verya finds some paper and passes it to the hand. Grateful for her kindness, the hand rewards her with 100gp, which she split evenly with her allies.

In the very last room located in the room full of doors, they found a small chapel within the prison dedicated to Pharasma. While focusing on the chapel, three large spiders attacked. Verya was poisoned by one of the spider’s bites, Yuki located it and slaughtered it. The group worked together and vanquished the pests, except for Evangeline who failed to hit any of the creatures for some unknown reason. Tired from their trials, the girls left Harrowstone and retired to their respective beds.

As the sun rose on a new day, the air carried the sounds of panic and commotion. Everyone stirred from their sleep and Evangeline rushed over to meet her companions. It was a sight they had seen before and followed the crowd, once again, to the vandalized statue. Everyone stared in horror at the Harrowstone monument now plastered with a big bloody letter E. The town’s people shouted, demanding answers from these frightening events. But no one could answer their quandaries. The girls saw the sheriff and asked him for any information, but no one knew. After staring at the monument, Yuki thought the group should ask any farmers for missing animals.


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