Ladies Carrion Crown Adventure

Haunting of Harrowstone Part 4

The Fourth Day

When the town’s people began to disperse, all the girls began a more thorough search of and around the monument. Scraps of animal parts were found around the base. Evangeline spotted some human tracks that appeared larger than Yuki’s foot. When the sheriff was left alone and free to chat, the girls pointed out the tracks to the man. He told the girls he would look into the tracks for them. It was early in the morning when the commotion began and none of the girls had been able to eat, so they headed back to Kendra’s for breakfast. They talked about visiting the various farmer’s houses and asking about any missing animals, just as Yuki suggested. The four left Kendra’s and asked around, finding that one cat had indeed gone missing. Nodding to one another, they knew they needed to get back to Harrowstone. Grabbing some rations, they found themselves back at the haunted prison.

After navigating through the crumbled remains safely, the adventures were faced with many doors. Yuki approached one of the doors, and as the previous times before, the door slammed shut in Yuki’s face and Verya had to open it. They move straight up a hallway and into a new location. The wary Yuki checked the area for traps but found none. She did however notice the old syringes and bandages in the room. Verya, Faervel, and Evangeline joined Yuki in the new room. While Evangeline was looking around the room, she noticed a skeletal ghost rise up to face the group. However, Yuki and Faervel had been terrified by the apparition and bolted out of the room and kept running down the hall. Verya and Evangeline were left in the room as syringes began to whiz past their heads. Evangeline, surprised by the sudden events, cowered behind Verya and attempted to communicate with the ghost. No response came and Verya took measures into her own hands. She cast positive energy around the room and felled the spirit. Once the two had recovered from their fright, Faervel and Yuki rejoined the others back in the room. The danger had passed and the girls were able to look around the room. It appeared to be the health care facility. They were able to find:
2 fully stocked healer’s kits
3 vials of anti-toxin
2 vials of anti-plague
3 doses of blood block
3 doses of smelling salt
2 vials of soothe syrup
4 potions of clear light wounds

It was time for the girls to leave the floor they had been examining, and make their way up the stairs to see what else they could find. Yuki spotted a table when suddenly three stirges appeared and began to attack. The first menace flew at Yuki and bit her. Evangeline threw a bomb at the other two, but only damaged them with the splash. Verya aimed her crossbow at one of the creatures and destroyed it quickly. Yuki, taking the advantage of the stirge being held in place from biting her, stabbed and killed the monster with her rapier. After the two successful attacks on the creatures, everyone began to miss their targets, even the stirge. Several attempts later, Yuki obliterated the remaining stirge. Her companions were filled with awe and relief.

It was a frustration encounter, but the search had to go on. Little did they know the aggravation was just beginning. Searching the open area, there were many benches and pillars, but nothing of note. Yuki ventured beyond a corner in the area to see various cells filled with skeletons. With no real luck, Yuki tries another door and finds a room full of pots and pans.

The kitchen held nothing of importance, so the group tried another room. In the corner of the room sat a chained big boned skeleton wearing robes and holy symbols. Faervel located a book in the belongings of the robed man. Yuki took the book from the elf and flipped through it but saw nothing out of the ordinary. She stored the item in her bag and planned to donate the book later for historical record.

Looking through the different rooms, the girls walked back to the open area with the many cells. They noticed some of the cells were open and split up to look through them. As they were searching, the sound of a flute rang out through the room and the skeletons came to life. They jumped up and attacked Yuki, Evangeline, and Verya. Faervel was alerted by the cries of her companions and returned fire to one of the skeletons. Verya and Yuki swung at their attackers, but only Yuki made contact. Faervel began to see a vision of the Piper flying at her and was paralyzed from it. Evangeline grabbed a vial of acid from her stash and poured it on the being. Unfortunately the fighting had left Yuki and Evangeline quite shaken, and they were unable to concentrate. Yuki was lucky enough to have the skeleton miss her as Faervel gained back the control of her body. The elf grabbed her punching dagger and Verya shouted her knowledge of the creatures’ vulnerability to bludgeoning weapons as she drew her mace. Verya knocked off one of the enemy’s arms but then fell victim to paralysis. Evangeline took one last shot at her opponent before escaping the cell and shutting the door. She joined Yuki outside the cell she where she was fighting, but both are gripped with fear. One of the skeleton took advantage of the situation and attacked the paralyzed Verya in the face. The angered Faervel removes her skeleton’s arm, while Evangeline felt a presence behind her. The Piper hovered above the changling as she turned and fumbled with her bow, shooting at the ghost. The one armed skeleton came at Faervel, but she shot it down and it ceased to move. Verya, with her mighty mace in hand, decimated the face of the skeleton that had attacked her. Tired of being scared from these creatures, Yuki took out her skeleton and the one that had been attacking Evangeline. Evangeline met up with Verya and Faervel.

With no sign of the Piper, the group starts searching through the doors in the area. Faervel finds her way to an empty bathroom and hears the sound of a flute and wings flapping. Verya began to open a different door but found it was locked, and then the Piper appeared before her. She shouted to her companions. Yuki ran in front of a cell and readied her crossbow, and Evangeline ran to where the Piper had been spotted, but he was no where in sight. The Piper kept moving around the room, never staying in one place. Not only did he run from the crew, but he annoying would move through the walls unseen. Evangeline was getting tired of this wild goose chase, and used her powers of detecting the undead to attempt to locate the pest. This, however, did not go as planned. She sensed a presence around her and turned her head to the source. Her eyes grew wide at the sight before her. What she found was not the Piper, but Father Charlatan’s ghost standing behind Faervel with his hand on her shoulder. Evangeline attempted to shake off her surprise and alerted the others to the Father’s presence with them. The mighty cleric of the four, blasted the Father with positive energy and relieved Faervel of her parasite. A sigh of relief was heard through the girls as the unexpected spirit was disposed of, but they still needed to locate the troublesome Piper. Evangeline continues her attempt to detect any undead as she moves through the room, and Verya checks the opposite direction. After walking a distance, Evangeline finally feels the Piper through a door and signals the others. Verya and Yuki grasp their bows and bust through the door firing. The Piper moved away from his spot and drifted beside Faervel, and when she saw him she shouted loudly. Evangeline followed the elf’s voice to her location and saw the Piper beside her. Having no weapons that could affect a spirit, Faervel ducked behind Evangeline. The changling could only stare at the ghost, but Verya who had also heard her friend’s shriek, ran at the Piper with her hand stretched out. When she made contact with him, she cast a healing spell on him and he poofed out of existence. The run around was over.

There was no time to relax, at least, not yet. Verya showed Yuki the locked door she had found earlier, and Yuki unlocked it. Inside they found a door that led to an outside balcony. The sky told them it was late afternoon and the sun was descending. After checking the sky, the crew noticed some old blood stains in the middle of the opening, while Faervel spotted a floating scythe held by a skeletal hand. Verya, with her knowledge of religion, informed her allies that the floating object was the haunted executioner’s scythe. The scythe moved closer to the girls with ill intentions towards them. Verya took hold of the scythe and cast continuous healing spells on the object while Verya and Faervel pierced the item with their rapiers. Evangeline, determined to be useful, poured a bottle of holy water over the scythe, and the combined damage cause the skeletal hand to fade and the scythe to rest against the floor. Taking a last look around the balcony, the crew decide to leave Harrowstone for the present time and take a rest.

Walking back to town, the girls met the sheriff who had some information for them. He investigated the tracks and found they led to the home of Gibs Hephenus, but when he looked around the area found nothing to incriminate the man. Yuki voiced feeling a bit unwell and walked back to Kendra’s to rest. Verya, Faervel, and Evangeline decided to visit the store and purchase some vials. The three departed from one another and Faervel headed to the temple. While traveling, she saw wagon and horse tracks forming on the ground headed in the direction of Harrowstone.


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