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Welcome to the Ladies of Pathfinder Lexington KY area Carrion Crown Obsidian Portal page. I would like to really utilize this site, so I suggest that everyone use and get familiar with the site.

To do so, I suggest the following:

1. Once you have your character information (ie background, personality, appearance, one unique thing, etc.), I would like for you to post it to this site in the characters section.

You can choose if you want to fill out an online character sheet by making or editing in your character post. This isn’t mandatory (it is a lot of effort) but it could be useful for everyone (including me) to see what people’s stats are and what they are capable of.

The PCs:
Evangeline Fallenbridge
Verya Amariel

2. I suggest you check out the other tabs. The forum can be used to discuss certain questions anybody may have in a more organized manner than on Facebook. The adventure log will be periodically updated by Chantel with notes on the campaign, so that you can regularly refresh and reminisce about what has happened so far. The characters page will be filled with information on both player characters and important NPCs and will be updated throughout the campaign. I will be uploading relevant maps for anyone who wants to see where we’ve been. It’s even powered by Google maps, so you can zoom and move and I can make notes about important locations.

3. Please make use of this resource. I think it will make our campaign more enjoyable and will allow us to more effectively remember our time together. I know some people enjoy sharing roleplaying stories, so I encourage you to share with any of your friends who are interested.

4. Some useful resources:




Home Page

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